The Many Causes Of Serious Jaw Pain

The temporomandibular joint(TMJ) is the proper term used to refer to the jaw join. It includes the jaw bone, which is the mandible, and the bone above the mouth, the maxilla. The TMJ is responsible for allowing the mouth to open and close when you do things like talk and eat. It is used constantly throughout the day. This can lead to serious wear and tear over the years. A large percentage of the population suffers from frequent jaw pain. This can be caused by or the symptom of several different things.

The TMJ is not as simple as it might seem from the outside. It contains the bones themselves, but also tendons and muscles. These must all work together to allow everything to move in unison. Unfortunately, these are all prone to pain as well. Narrowing down the causes of jaw pain can be tough without first figuring out which part of the TMJ is actually in pain.


Arthritis In The Jaw.

The TMJ can be affected by traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis(RA), and infectious arthritis. All of these conditions can result in serious and lasting jaw pain. The problem can become so severe that it makes it nearly impossible to speak or eat without experiencing pain and discomfort.

Around seventeen percent of children and adults suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in the jaw. However, RA is much more common in other joints in the body. Regardless, the symptoms are still the same. The patient can experience swelling, serious pain, and reducing mobility. It can be extremely difficult to spot because symptoms won’t always appear in an X-ray until the later stages of the condition.

Treatment of RA in the TMJ is also similar to treatment of RA anywhere else in the body. The proper treatment will depend on how far along the condition is in its development. If it is caught early on, then it can be treated NSAIDs. Wearing a mouth guard at night can help reduce the symptoms during the day. If it’s caught late, we recommend going to Tampa Oral Surgeon Solutions.

Here’s a video of someone getting their wisdom teeth removed:

Temporomandibular Disorder(TMD).

TMD is an actually an umbrella term. It is used to refer to several different conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint as well as the surrounding nerves, tendons, and muscles. Some variations can occur when the mouth is opened and closed improperly causing it to twist in the process.

Statistics show that women are at twice the risk of developing a TMD as male patients. It is also the most common type of facial pain experienced that is not dentistry related (though it can be the cause of dental conditions at times).

TMD may be a symptom of a facial injury, improperly aligned teeth, or even arthritis as discussed above. Stress can also be a leading risk factor for developing a TMD. Finally, even the simple things you do on a daily basis, such as talking and chewing can eventually lead to one of the many TMD conditions.

Consult A Dentist When Pain Persists.

Occasional jaw pain isn’t necessarily a reason to fret as it happens to a lot of people. However, if the pain persists for several days or reaches a point where it makes it difficult to eat, swallow, or speak, then you should immediately contact your dentist and schedule an appointment.

Professional Chipped Tooth Operation

Looking to fix your chipped tooth as soon as possible? A professional dentist is required to ensure the chipped tooth is dealt in appropriate fashion as there are many issues, which can pop up along the way. Those who are not careful will end up with a solution that is not good enough and it will show. Let’s take a glance at what the chipped tooth operation is all about and why going to a professional is a must in this day and age for those who wish for the best when it comes to their teeth.


How Does It Work?

Let’s begin by taking a look at what the chipped tooth operation is going to be all about. The dentist is going to look at the tooth and see whether there is internal damage that has been done in the oral cavity. Most cases where chipped teeth are involved include x-rays to ensure damage is not done as there can be trauma related to the incident.

After everything has been assessed, the dentist has to prepare the mold to ensure it is going to fit the tooth and then they will begin to work away at reshaping the look.

Experience Matters

Experience does matter in such cases because he/she is going to know what to look for and what has to be corrected immediately. This is going to save time and effort on their part, which will ensure you are in good hands as well.

Never go for those who are not experienced.


They will be fast as you are not going to wish to walk around with a chipped tooth for long. You will crave to have the situation dealt with as soon as possible and that is only going to happen by going with a proper dentist who knows what he/she is doing right away.


You always want to go with those who are safe as that is key with your dentist. You are not going to want to go with someone who does not have the requisite knowledge and/or is just looking to get you in and out as soon as possible. This is a risk not worth taking and those who do go down this path are going to be putting a lot of pressure on their teeth.

It is key to go with those who realize the value of doing x-rays and paying attention to what is needed for the job to be done properly.

These are the reasons to go with a professional when it comes to such requirements and not just settling for anyone that comes across the table. There are so many people who take this sort of risk when they shouldn’t. A proper dentist is going to ensure the job is done as required and the chipped tooth is a thing of the past. Getting a great smile is key, but is only going to happen by going to a person who knows what they are doing right from the start.